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Traditional Charlotte NC brick patios should be built over a 4-inch concrete slab. The bricks are now set in a mortar bed and leveled one at a time. Then all the spaces between the bricks are filled with a grout. This is can be rather expensive because one is building two surfaces.

Interlocking brick patios are far more economical because they are set in sand instead of in mortar over concrete. The color, shape, pattern, and visual texture of our pavers add charm, vitality, and ambiance to any landscape setting. Pavers are ideal for Charlotte NC patios, Charlotte NC pool decks, walkways, and Charlotte NC driveways to pedestrian plazas, streets, parking lots, and industrial pavements! Patio pavers have become a popular choice in Charlotte NC patio design because of their affordability, strength, and durability. Pavers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials so you can create almost any look you desire. If you have limited space in your patio, Our Charlotte Landscapers can create a pleasant, functional outdoor living area where you can escape the daily demands of life. With a larger patio area we can design an outdoor environment that is in complete harmony with the environment and your home.

Charlotte NC Flagstone Patios is a generic term for thin flat rock that is used for paving flat surfaces. Flagstone is named from the location of the quarry it comes from. Arizona red is a reddish sand stone; Pennsylvania blue is a grey blue. The cost of the stone is proportional to the shipping distance. It is best to pour a concrete slab and set the stone in mortar on the slab. However, in the interest of economy the stones can be set directly over the soil. They will move and shift over time and will have to be readjusted from time to time.

Flagstone is a type of flat stone usually used for paving various types of slabs, but also for making fences or roofing. Flagstone is a sedimentary that is cut or split in layers for Charlotte NC walkways, decks and patios. It has a mineral composition of quartz and up to 15% Muscovite Mica, which gives it its bluish hue. Flagstone is a form of sandstone, which means it composes of up to 50% quartz. The color of the rock usually comes from the cementing material. Typical colors of flagstone are red, blue, buff, and there are exotic colors, such as chocolate. It is often used for Charlotte NC patios, walkways, steps, fences, housing, fireplaces, and many construction projects. Also commonly used as a veneer, flagstone and artificial stone materials can simulate the natural, expensive look of natural stone or rock when your budget doesn't allow the investment.



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Patios Company Charlotte Patio Contractors FREE Quote ➨ Charlotte Patio design and install your new flagstone, natural stone, paver patio/walkway